Entertainment & Sports

Weischadle & Weischadle provides its clients with assistance in all areas of entertainment law including:

  • Film and television production & distribution
  • Publishing
  • Modeling agreements
  • Music
  • Merchandising and marketing
  • Multimedia
  • Special events
  • Sports and athlete sponsorship and endorsement contracts

Weischadle & Weischadle assists film and television production companies, publishing houses, writers, record labels and musicians with their legal issues. Weischadle & Weischadle counsels its clients in the formation of business ventures, including the arrangement of co-productions and joint ventures, both foreign and domestic.

With the experience and ability to navigate the intricacies of the entertainment industry, we offer our clients the skill to negotiate and draft contracts of all varieties, including the following:

  • Producer agreements
  • Director agreements
  • Writer agreements
  • Talent and crew agreements
  • Soundtrack and musical score licensing issues
  • Model, location and photography releases

Weischadle & Weischadle provides our clients with the ability to envision and implement their plans.