Casino & Gaming

The attorneys at Weischadle & Weischadle have experience with a broad range of business and legal matters associated with all aspects of the gaming industry. The firm and its partners understand how to help clients navigate the various and complex legal environments which are an everyday part of this fast-paced and ever-evolving area of business. Our attorneys have represented gaming vendors, game inventors and others doing business with brick and mortar casinos, online gaming companies, game distribution companies and entertainment venues and events.

Experience includes work with clients in the following:

  • Drafting labor, employment and other complex agreements for casino vendors
  • Representation of table game inventors to the various gaming distributors
  • Protection of intellectual property, including trademarks and trade secrets
  • Business formation and transactional documents and licensing
  • Representation of clients in matters involving online gaming, brick and mortar casino properties and eSports